Irish Garden Birds, ‘the King of Hearts‘, recognises the importance of Sunflowers in our blends. We stock only the finest Premium Quality bird food, specially selected to attract the widest range of small birds into your garden.  We blend and pack to order, ensuring freshness every time. Our range of bird food is blended to Irish Garden Birds own specifications.

Choose from premium Peanuts, Hi-Energy Sunflower Hearts, Nyjer seed, Black Sunflowers and our own formula mixes: ‘The One and One ‘ High Energy No Mess Mix,  the ‘Full Irish’ with jumbo rolled oats and the ever popular All Seasons blend.  All our own blends are guaranteed: no wheat or barley which small birds reject.

We also stock Fat based products including Suet balls, with no nets. Freeze dried Mealworms and Irish produced Grubs are popular high protein foods.  Specially designed feeders are available for all these food options.

Remember, we test (and photograph) all our food products in use, in our own garden.


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