Barn Owl nestbox, indoor design provides a safer home for owlets than some designs due to a 460mm (18”) drop from the entrance hole to the bottom of the box. Hand built in Ireland to last, from environmentally friendly FSC-approved 9mm plywood using steel screws throughout. Approximate size (mm) 630H x 510W x 410D. Built on Exercise platform 510W x 100D.

Delivery lead time 2 to 4 weeks.

Why an indoor owl box is better than fixing one on the outside of a building:

  • Inside the building, the owls will benefit from the additional shelter. Outside they are more exposed.
  • An indoor Barn Owl nestbox is not suitable for outdoor use, and an outdoor nestbox is much better placed in a tree – because trees usually afford more shelter and owlets can sometimes climb a tree to re-enter the box.
  • A box on the outside will last about 10-15 years. A box on the inside will last as long as the building.
  • Nestboxes designed for indoor use are cheaper.

    Most old barns are good places for nestboxes – without one only 48% have a nesting place.

Is your landscape suitable?

  • Avoid urban, suburban, dense forest and high mountain areas.
  • Avoid sites within 1 km of a motorway or other fast, unscreened, main roads, due to the risk of road-deaths.
  • Nestboxes do not need to be placed directly on patches or strips of rough grassland as the birds are perfectly capable of ‘commuting’ across unsuitable habitats before starting to hunt and have very large home ranges.
  • See for more information about conserving Barn Owls.
  • If you would like a copy of a Barn Owl conservation guide, please e mail me