This large bat maternity box has three internal chambers and is designed to provide bats with a safe, suitable space for breeding. The bat maternity box is made from top grade, solid Cedar wood. The bottom of the box, beneath the entrance, has a rough textured ladder which gives bats a good surface on which to land and enter the cavity. The roof is sloped to permit rainwater runoff and the lower front of the box features a hinged inspection door.

The bat maternity box is an ideal choice for farms, woodlands and areas of parkland where nesting bats are a priority.  This box is suitable for siting on an external wall or on a tree. It should ideally be positioned between 2-5 metres above the ground in a position where the bats have a clear flight path to the entrance. Facing the box in a south or south-west direction will provide it with at least a few hours of sunshine and will ensure the box is warm.


* Height: 800mm
* Width: 510mm
* Depth: 200mm