Bee House is designed for Solitary or wild bees. In addition to the honey bee, Europe has many hundreds of different species of bees. These bees that rarely sting help fertilise plants and flowers in your garden and as such are an important part in ecological gardening. The decline in flora and nesting opportunities endangers many species of bees. This bee house provides an excellent nesting place for a variety of bee species. A female bee will use a hollow bamboo shoot to create several cells, each with an egg and some pollen and nectar for the larvae. Hang this bee house facing the southern sunny side of the garden, close to flowering perennial plants that will encourage bees.  Features a twisted metal suspension ring on roof.

• suitable for Mason bees, Common Yellow Faced bees, Anthidium punctatum, Brown footed Leafcutter bees, Hoplitis leucomelana and Chelostoma

  • Product dimensions in cm L 12.7 x W 15.2 x H 20
  • Material Pinewood, bamboo, zinc
  • Gross weight 0.62 kg
  • Net weight 0.56 kg
  • Barcode 8714982009488
  • FSC® FSC 100%