Crow & Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder is designed to prevent crows or squirrels from getting to the birdfeed. The  two port feed silo is in a selective holder. Small birds such as tits can reach through the mesh effortlessly to get to the food. This food silo will keep the scatter feed dry and protected from rain. The two openings in the silo assure a measured amount of feed. The lid on the top  is particularly safe as it has to be unscrewed  up, to top up the feeding silo. Attractive bottle green mild steel construction.

  • protection from crows and squirrels
  • Product dimensions in cm L 17.8 x W 17.8 x H 26.5
  • Material Mild steel, PVC, HDPP
  • Gross weight 1.089 kg
  • Net weight 0.99 kg