A Kestrel Nest Box is a practical aid to encourage biodiversity and help Kestrels to nest in your area.  Site a nest box as high as you can (5 meters minimum), with a clear flight path to the entrance, in open farmland over a grassy ditch, a favourite hunting habitat.  Kestrel Nest Box is constructed in 9mm exterior plywood, with 2 coats of animal safe weather proofing and interior edges sealed.  The roof overhang is 50mm, to help protect from sun and rain.  Drainage holes are drilled into the base.  A perching pole is supplied which can be fitted to suit the best flight approach line.

Approx Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 300mm , front panel 125mm.

Box should be screwed to a wooden backboard (not supplied) which can be then secured to a tree.