The Ladybird House is a practical and useful addition to your garden.  Besides being a joy to watch, these insects are also very useful guests to have in the garden. A fully matured ladybird can eat up to 100 aphids a day and as such is an important part of ecological gardening. All the more reason then to make the ladybird happy by placing this box, which provides shelter and housing for a large group overwintering together. The house is designed in such a way that ladybirds have easy access to it. It will also keep out many competitors and predators.

  • suitable for a variety of ladybird species
  • keyhole opening
  • fixtures not included
  • Dimensions in cm: L 12.2 x W 16.9 x H 22.9
  • Material Pinewood
  • Gross weight 0.579 kg
  • Net weight 0.526 kg
  • FSC® FSC 100%