Squirrel Snack Box is specially designed for these clever mammals and will deflect Squirrel attentions away from vulnerable bird feeders.  Squirrels can help themselves to nuts and seeds from this feeder.  They soon learn to raise the Zinc covered  roof of the Squirrel Snack Box feeder, tempted by the sight of food behind the plexi-glass. They will eat on the spot, using the  extended base or take food away to hide in a winter store.  Squirrels antics and agility is fascinating to watch as they go about feeding around the garden.

  • Product dimensions in cm L 23 x W 12.2 x H 17.5
  • Material Pinewood, zinc, plexi glass
  • Gross weight 0.846 kg
  • Net weight 0.769 kg
  • Barcode 8714982042690
  • FSC ®FSC 100%