First published in 1956, Swifts in a Tower still offers astonishing insights into Swifts’ private lives along with thoughts about their life style and wider issues. This new edition, published in association with the RSPB for their Oxford Swift City project includes a new chapter by Andrew Lack, bringing the story of this remarkable bird into the 21st century.

David Lack (1910-1973) is one of the most celebrated names in the study of birds. His pioneering life-history studies resulted in an explosion of interest in the ecology of birds as well as the landmark popular books The Life of the Robin, Darwin’s Finches, and Swifts in a Tower. Even during World War II he was able to study bird migration while involved in secret work to develop radar. In 1945 he became the Director of the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology in Oxford and started research programmes – including on swifts – that continue right to this day.

Format: Hardback (BB)
ISBN: 9781911604365
Published: 30 Jun 2018
Publisher: Unicorn
Dimensions: 260 pages – 193 x 140 mm