The Swallow: a biography by Stephen Moss.

With around 700,000 breeding pairs, the swallow is one of our most familiar and well loved birds. Though we consider the swallow to be ‘our’ bird, we also share this beloved creature with millions of others across the globe. Whilst we see it on a daily basis for half the year, the swallow then flies south to Africa, living on only in our memory in the long, dark winter.

In The Swallow Stephen Moss documents a year of observing the swallow close to home and in the field to shed light on the secret life of this extraordinary bird. We trace the swallow’s life cycle and journey, including the epic 12,000-mile round trip it takes every year, to enable it to enjoy a life of almost eternal sunshine, and the key part the swallow plays in our traditional and popular culture.

With beautiful illustrations throughout, this captivating year-in-the-life biography reveals the hidden secrets of this charismatic and beautiful bird.

  • Imprint: Square Peg
  • Published: 29/10/2020
  • ISBN: 9781529110265
  • Length: 208  Pages
  • Dimensions: 206mm x 24mm x 140mm, Hard Cover.
  • Weight: 464g
  • RRP: €14.99


‘A superb naturalist and writer’ Chris Packham

‘Inspired, friendly and blessed with apparently limitless knowledge’ Peter Marren

‘Moss has carved out an enviable niche as a chronicler of the natural world’ Daily Mail