Woodpecker Nesting Box

This nesting box is specifically designed for woodpeckers, which colonised Ireland very recently and are spreading across the country. Woodpecker nesting box has an extra thick bowl shaped bottom for the eggs and a closed entrance the birds need to drill open themselves, just as in nature. In the winter the nesting box is ideal for a bird that needs to take shelter from the elements. Includes a side door to open the box for cleaning.

  • closed entrance hole
  • thick bowl-shaped bottom
  • door on the side
  • Article name Birdhouse woodpecker
  • Article number NKX
  •  Birds&Wildlife, Nesting Boxes and Bird Houses, Woodpecker
  • Product dimensions in cm L 23.5 x W 19 x H 54.5
  • Material Pinewood
  • Gross weight 3.251 kg
  • Net weight 2.955 kg
  • Barcode 8714982104312
  • FSC® FSC 100