Product Description

If you don’t have easy access to green spaces, or want to bring the outdoors indoors, a Zwitscher box is the perfect solution. Zwitscher means ‘tweeting’ in German. When triggered by a motion sensor, the box plays a chorus of relaxing birdsong through an in-built speaker, filling the air with the beautiful sounds of the Bavarian Black Forest.
The stylish Zwitscherbox is shaped like a small birdhouse and comes in a selection of acrylic-faced colourways. You can either hide it on a shelf in your room (white) or create a colour statement. The minimalist, contemporary design requires no cables and is powered by 3 AA batteries, supplied. You can place it anywhere, or mount it on the wall, ready to sense motion. We loved it in the bathroom or hall.  There’s a volume control to set your preferred level of birdsong, and you can switch it off altogether when you need quiet.Perfect for use in a bathroom, bedroom, hallway, nursery, office or kitchen, Zwitscherbox brings a sense of relaxation and well being into your life.  Create a few minutes of calm that can positively impact the rest of your day – and help lower your blood pressure.  Brings the magic of the dawn chorus right into your home. A fantastic gift for somebody special, including yourself! Listen to an example below;

Available in cool white, lime green or bright orange.

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